Frequin Rouge

Frequin Rouge is a traditional French bittersweet cider apple from Normandy, and is one of Michael’s favorites. The tree has a grower friendly shape with long swooping branches. It might be the prettiest tree in the orchard.  It’s only real downfall is that it has a strong biannual tendency.

 Flavour, aroma, texture

Tastes and smells like a French cidre with good Bittersweet aromas and a leathery muskiness. The tannins are pronounced but in balance and chewy.


Small apple covered with dark red blush. Juice oxidizes to a beautiful deep brass color


Early mid season (Mid September)

Best Use

Cider only

Keeping ability

Pretty good for an early season apple, but not as good as most late season apples. The fruit gets a greasiness to the skin as they sweat in storage.

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