Golden Russet

Golden Russet originates from New York sometime prior to 1845.  This apple does everything better than most do one thing. In other words, it is the best dual purpose apple grown at Billingsley Cider Orchard.  The trees are vigorous tip bearers (fruit grown out on spindly branch ends) and have a willowy growth habit. Golden Russets could find their place as a blender in any cider, or stand up on their own.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Golden Russet gives viscosity and a full bodiedness to cider. We get a strong honey beeswax flavor, and stone fruit notes.


Golden and gleaming in the fall light with bright splotches of orange where sun kissed.  The skin is smooth and tough with rough russeting patched throughout.


Late Season (End October Early November)

Best Use

Anything you would want to do with an apple

Keeping ability

Good keeper