Hewe’s Virginia Crab

One of the rare bittersharps, Hewe’s were first discovered sometime in the early 1800s in Virginia.  They were on of the most famous of American cider apples before Prohibition caused the little apples downfall.  Along with the Frequin Rouge they are the most beautiful in the orchard. The wood is hard, the tree appropriately vigorous and well shaped, and during bloom nothing else compares.  Hewe’s have the most spectacular snowball bloom, and stand out from a mile away. Thomas Jefferson planted his entire north orchard at Monticello with Hewe’s Virginia Crab because of the superior cider this apple creates. We agree with old Tommy Jeff and continue to plant more of this magical cultivar on the north side of our orchard.

 Flavour, aroma, texture

Banana and butterscotch, tart raspberry and muskiness, juicy and soft but not mealy


Yellow, almost transparent when ripe with a pale red blush and white spots


Early, first in the orchard (first week of September)

Best Use

Acid lovers eat them out of hand, but cider is best

Keeping ability

Fairly short, about a month in a cooler tops