Kira Bassingthwaighte


Our cider maker, Kira, grew up in Missoula, Montana - our strange town in the land of many mountains.

She found her way back home after several experiences outside of Montana led her down the path of fermentation. It was a mix of her time at The Culinary Institute of America, sourcing fruit from New York orchards as Bread Alone Bakery’s farmers market manager, and exploring the Stellenbosch wine region in South Africa that steered her direction. She wondered - what would it be like to work in the world of alcohol? After four years at Montgomery Distillery, she knew it was the life for her.

Now, she is in charge of the bubbling tanks of juice at Western Cider where she enjoys the physicality - the hard work and labor that goes into creating cider. Kira naturally likes structure, but enjoys the balance between creativity and control. Most of all, she is captivated by the potential for endless variety and has a great appreciation for the unpredictable.

When Kira isn’t lording over a cellar full of potions, she enjoys hockey, mountain biking, playing music, the cello, cooking, traveling, and drinking Scotch . . . responsibly!