Matthew LaRubbio


Matthew directs the marketing and brand what-have-you at Western Cider.

Born and raised in Texas, Matthew fled to Montana soon after high school. His background is a culmination of work experiences based in agriculture, the wilderness, design, and community engagement. He’s been everything from a backcountry trail worker to professional illustrator, ranch hand to event coordinator, AmeriCorps alum and all kinds of weird gigs in between.

An interest in growing and caring for fruit trees was developed while working on noni, peach, cherry, and apple orchards. His love for cider was forged in the early 00’s during strange trips with Michael on the banks of the Clark Fork River. Their long friendship turned into partnership in Western Cider where a mission was formed to create a diverse range of the many styles of cider they have enjoyed from around the world.

Matthew lives in the Missoula hills with his gal, Meredith, and their little girl, Pearl. He enjoys hunting, the arts, gardening, and all the groovy mountain things while living his brief time on this beautiful floating rock.