Ashmead’s Kernel

A very celebrated and 300 year old dessert apple cultivar from Gloucester England.  Ashmead’s are known as one of the worlds finest eating apples, and another favorite dual purpose grown at Billingsley Cider Orchard.  So far the trees have been weak growers and shy bearers here in Montana, but the fruit they produce is extremely flavorful. Although harvests have not been great so far what Ashmead’s we get contribute greatly to our estate Heirloom cider.

 Flavour, aroma, texture

Fruity, floral, zingy acidity


Medium sized with a gold background, splattered with russeting and brilliant orange and red blush.  Maybe the most beautiful apple in the orchard.


Mid (Middle October)

Best Use

Equally as good for eating or cider

Keeping ability

Keeps very well, acids mellow and flavor improves with a couple months in the cooler