Wickson Crab was developed by Albert Etter in 1944, an apple enthusiast best-known for his work on pink-fleshed and red-fleshed apples.  Etter named this apple after his friend and mentor Edward J. Wickson, a leading Californian pomologist who was one of the few experts who took his work seriously at the time.  

Although developed in California, this apple grows absolutely beautifully here in Montana.  Hands down the most productive cultivar in the orchard, Wickson also makes Western Cider’s staff favorite cider the single variety Wickson.  The trees are disease resistant, compact, and produce ropes of fruit up and down every branch each year. Wickson trees roped in bright red apples late in the fall with golden leaves is a real sight to see.  So far, Wickson is the only cultivar in the orchard Michael can not find a single complaint.

 Flavour, aroma, texture

Lots of sweet with acid to balance, wonderfully Perfumed, floral, firm and dense


Yellow background goes full bright deep red when ripe, some minor russeting, juice is very pale straw in color


Late (End of October)

Best Use

Equally as good for cider and eating out of hand

Keeping ability

Good Keeper